Funded Research Projects

Funded Research Projects

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Our method of funding derives from our mission to fund biomedical research specific to NMO. We are committed to enhancing the NMO knowledge base by supporting innovative research approaches dedicated to studying and advancing the understanding of the pathophysiology and biochemistry of NMO. Our funded researchers are required to collaborate with their colleagues. To this end they meet annually to share research knowledge and investigate new ways to study and ultimately solve NMO.

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The Guthy-Jackson Charitable Foundation is a non-profit foundation, not in association with a medical, academic, or government institution. LOI approvals/denials are based solely on the foundation’s discretion.

In the United States, our funding is focused on, but not limited to researchers who are affiliated with U.S. 501(c)(3) or other tax-exempt organizations. The Guthy-Jackson Charitable Foundation does not fund individuals who do not meet our funding criteria and eligibility.

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Currently, the foundation does not list an open submission call for NMO research projects.

If you feel you (and /or your colleagues) have an innovative concept for advancing NMO therapeutics, utilizing the latest applications and methods in NMO science research, you (and / or your colleagues) can voluntarily submit a CV(s) and a Letter of Intent (LOI) for review. All submissions are subject to review by our scientific advisory team and are subject to our eligibility requirements (stated above).


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Interlaken Leadership” Research Award program

The Interlaken Leadership Awards support original research in the field of neuroimmunology. Investigators whose proposals are approved by the review committee will receive monetary grants and/or drug supply. The size of the individual grants is not predetermined, in order to accommodate a wide variety of investigator needs.

Letters of Intent for the 2014 Interlaken Leadership Awards will be accepted from January 13 through March 3, 2014.

Full applications will be accepted through April 14, 2014 by invitation only For more information, see the website:

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